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Cargo movement through container or bulk vessels including rodoviary and railway freight services. Partnerships with the major shipping lines operating in Mozambique enable us to provide the best quality/rates ratio and the most flexible options.
Thanks to our large experience in dealing with import and export cargo we can supply the best customs brokerage, removing from our client all the work and customs burocracy, we will make our customer lives easier.
To improve our complete range of services, we have warehouse and distribution service providing updated stock control of the stored cargo, letting the customer know exactly the status of his cargo, making his life much easier.
We do have clearing & forwarding licensed staff to address any need of this service for importers and exporters, in this way we can offer to our clients a very reliable full package of services making their lives much easier giving them more time to manage their businesses.

In a business environment where there are a lot of intervenients, where there is a lot of burocracy and stages, where there are many different laws regulating all the process stages, the life of the importers and exporters may become very difficult, mainly if this importers and exporters are not experienced in dealing with the local authorities.

There are many service providers, but none of them can provide the all package we can and in the reliable way we do it, thanks to the large experience we have handling all this processes.

We do have a long relation with all the intervenients allowing us to go straight to the right points and get the process stages done in the best possible times, making the duties and fees payments being the best possible.

So, coming to our company you can get between other services, the following services with the best quality.